Protein bars that are low in sugar

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Protein fuels the body's metabolism and keeps it healthy. Protein also keeps you full, which is why protein bars are good snacks. They are packed with protein and many on the market have low or no sugar. A great aspect of protein bars is their portability.

Many people are on the go and most portable snacks are high in carbohydrates, fat and sugar. Protein bars can be a healthy alternative to ensure a fit lifestyle. The listed protein bars have less than 5g of sugar in each bar.

Detour Lean Muscle Bar

The Detour company prides itself on providing revolutionary high protein snack bars with the taste appeal of a chocolate bar. The Detour Lean Muscle Bar combines whey protein and nutrients, such as omega-3s, along with only 3g of sugar. Flavours include, cookie dough/caramel crisp, peanut butter/ chocolate crunch and fudge almond crunch.

EAS Myoplex Carb Control Bar

EAS has produced products for several years supporting a range of elite to casual athletes. Its Myoplex Carb Control Bar has 25g of protein and 2g of sugar. EAS suggests using the bars as party of daily meal plan or as a bedtime snack to repair muscles. Flavours include cookies and cream bar, chocolate chip brownie bar and chocolate peanut butter bar.

think Thin Protein Bar

think Thin was created by Lizanne Falsetto who recognised many protein bars were not made with natural ingredients. think Thin products are based on low sugar, high protein and gluten-free. The think Thin protein bars offer 15 to 20g of protein, 0g of sugar and are gluten-free with no trans fat. The bars come in 10 flavours and include, chocolate mudslide, lemon cream pie, white chocolate chip and chocolate fudge.