Ideas for a First Birthday Cake for Twin Boys

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Your twin boys are a year old and you want to throw them a party but aren't sure what kind of cake they should have. Pair the cake with the party's theme by getting similar decorations and planning similar activities.

Besides the main cake, have two separate, smaller cakes made for each of the twins for them to destroy and eat themselves.

Thing One and Thing Two

From the Dr. Seuss book "Cat In The Hat," are the characters Thing One and Thing Two. These characters both wear red outfits and have unruly, blue hair. Have a red cake made and have "Thing One" and "Thing Two" written on the cake as well as "Happy Birthday" in bright blue. Or, have a picture of the characters printed onto the cake with food based dye. Stick to the colours red, blue and white for this themed cake. For the smaller cakes, cover or frost them in red and then write "Happy Birthday" and then each twin's name in blue or white.

Two Peas In A Pod

Make or buy a green pea pod cake with two peas made for the twins. Write "Happy Birthday" or "Two Peas In A Pod" on the cake in white frosting. If you can't get a cake made in a pea pod shape, have a large white or green cake made with similar phrasing on it. For the individual cakes, either have two green cakes made or two peas made, one for each twin. Write what you would like on top of each cake.

Noah's Ark

Have a cake made to resemble an ark. Place plastic animals in pairs standing outside the ark.Or, make a sheet cake made with a picture of the ark or a three-dimensional ark toy figure on the cake. Then, place the plastic animals paired off around the cake. For each of the smaller cakes, frost them in brown frosting and have a pair of plastic animals on each cake. Then write what you would like in frosting on each cake. Before serving the cakes to the twins, remove the plastic animals.

Sesame Street

Have a bright yellow, blue or red cake made and have letters as well as numbers written all over the cake. Then put plastic figures of Sesame Street pairs like Bert and Ernie or Big Bird and Elmo. or, have these characters piped onto the cake if you're able to. Have the smaller cakes frosted in different primary colours than the larger cake. For example, if the large cake is frosted red, have the smaller ones frosted in blue and yellow. Then, for each of the smaller cakes put plastic figurines representing the characters on each cake. Before the twins devour the cakes, remove the figurines.