Ideas using wood moldings around doors & fireplaces

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Using wood trim around your doors and fireplace draws the eye to the space and makes a more dramatic look. The wood moulding serves as a decorative frame for the piece and gives the space a three-dimensional feel. The advantage to using wood trim is that it fits directly on top of the walls around the piece.

Ideas for using wood mouldings around doors and windows work with any existing trim you currently have in your home.

Use With Transition Pieces

One of the most basic ways to use wood trim and mouldings in your home is with transition pieces. The transition pieces are small wood blocks that sit at the top two corners of the frame. Using this type of piece means you don't need to cut the wood pieces at an angle to make the pieces fit together. The first step is to attach the wood block pieces at the top two corners of the door or the fireplace. Use plain wood pieces or opt for decorative bull's-eye pieces that have a carved middle. The wood trim attaches to each side as well as along the top. The wood trim should butt up directly against the transition pieces.

Soften the Look

Make a soft look by using wood mouldings stacked directly beside each other on the door or fireplace. Attach a piece of moulding to each side, and place another piece along the top. The edges of each piece are slanted, which lets the pieces sit flush against each other. Attach a second moulding to each side of the wall, and add another piece along the top. Add as many pieces of moulding as you like, but make each piece sit flush beside the other, which creates a dramatic look that works with the existing moulding in your home but looks less harsh than using a single piece of wood trim.

Keep It Plain and Simple

Rustic trim, such as salvaged wood from old barns or houses, works well when paired with a country style home. Every scratch, ding and hole in the wood acts as a decorative element. Use the moulding around the doors and fireplace to create a frame around the piece. Use a larger piece of salvaged wood to create a mantel on the fireplace. The mantel is nailed or screwed directly into the wall and the trim pieces to keep it from falling off or pulling away when you add decorative pieces to it.