Places for Lonely People to Talk

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Loneliness touches all people--the young, old, rich, poor, married and single--at one time or another. This feeling of isolation can be caused by the death of a loved one, shyness, current superficial relationships or a recent move to a new city. Whatever the cause of your loneliness, talking and connecting to other people can help abate that lonesomeness.


If shyness or anxiety inhibits you from reaching out to people in everyday life, look for chat rooms, forums or dating websites on the Internet. These means of communication allow you to get to know and connect with another person while remaining within your own comfort zone. Using these types of sites, you can also communicate with other lonely people. You will find chat rooms and dating websites specifically set up for lonely people. These sites allow people suffering through the same experiences to share their stories, thoughts and feelings. People from these websites can offer you support and encouragement. Over time, your Internet relationships may translate into relationships outside the virtual world.


Perhaps circumstances such as a recent move or divorce have caused your loneliness. If that's the case, you should immerse yourself in social activity. Joining a club, such a book club or scuba diving club, puts you in contact with people that share your same interests, making it easier to connect with them. Learning a new skill together also helps people bond, so take a class such as a cooking or aerobics class. You'll learn to cook and hopefully make new friends. If you like to shoot pool or play darts, find a local bar you like and seek out others that enjoy those pastimes. By sharing and cultivating a hobby with other people, you can make new friends and conquer your loneliness.


Whether you live in a large city or small town, chances are there's at least one church located near you. Churches provide a like-minded peer group to welcome, listen and support you through whatever obstacles you face in life. They also present ample occasions to socialise--weekly services, picnics, potlucks and volunteer work. The church's priest, rabbi, minister or reverend can offer a friendly ear to listen as well as provide counselling and advice. A church also helps you build a relationship with God so you never have to feel alone.

Therapist's Office

Prolonged periods of loneliness can breed depression, a feeling of deep sadness and discontent. According to New Hope Now, "Commonly, those who are lonely don't feel good about themselves," and this can result in low self-esteem. Lonely people may also feel fearful or anxious when interacting with strangers, which only reinforces their lonesomeness. If you're suffering from one or more of these other conditions along with loneliness, you may want to visit a therapist's office. Therapists provide a safe, confidential environment for you to talk. They listen, help you understand your loneliness and teach you techniques to overcome your sense of isolation.

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