Easter Garden Ideas

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Easter is a holiday that celebrates new life for Christians. Easter is an early springtime holiday, sometimes scheduled as early as the end of March, so planting an Easter garden may be tricky in the more snowy parts of the country.

Bulb Flowers

Plan your Easter garden early--in fall, that is. Spring bulbs such as lilies and daffodils emerge as soon as the soil is above 10 degrees Celsius. Flowers such as the Easter lily also can make bouquets for Easter morning. To add a nice touch to your garden, plant some red tulip bulbs. When the flowers emerge, you can use the two colours to explain the importance of Easter to others, red being for Jesus' blood and white for his resurrection.

Egg Garden

There's no rule that says a garden must be outdoors, or even made up of living flowers. If your family is snowed in this Easter, you can still make a cheerful garden right at home with egg flowers. Form flower petals with craft foam and use toilet paper rolls wrapped in foam for stems. Cut a hole in the centre of the flowers and set a decorated Easter egg on top for a cheery display.

Symbolic Easter Garden

If you need a creative way to teach your children the Easter story, look no further. Mold a hill out of compost in a shallow tray. Decorate the hill with moss and cut grass and place three crosses made of twigs on top of the hill. Push a small pot into the side of the hill to represent the tomb and cover the pot with a large flat stone. Decorate around the tomb with egg cups filled with water and fresh cut flowers. Finally, form a gravel path leading from the mountain and talk about what the disciples found.

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