Small refrigerators for flowers

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Refrigerators are a necessity for any floral supplier, whether it be a flower shop or a restaurant that uses fresh flowers to decorate its tables. Flower refrigerators keep flowers cool so they are fresh for as long as possible.

Many of these refrigerators have adjustable shelves that fit the needs of the user, along with glass panels for easier viewing.

Floral One-Door Display Cooler

The Floral One Door Display Cooler by Bush Refrigeration comes with adjustable shelves and self-closing doors that enable florists to move in and out of the refrigerator with ease. The display case is compact, measuring 67.5 by 75 by 175 cm (27 by 30 by 70 inches), and it comes with a choice of interior and exterior colours: black, vanilla and white. Add-ons include side glass panels, locks, rear glass window and additional shelves. The cooler requires a 115-volt outlet.

Floral Display Case Model 350F

The Floral Display Case Model 350F by SRC Refrigeration is a three-shelf flower unit that has two doors and measures 135 by 77.5 by 187.5 cm (54 by 31 by 75 inches). While tall, the refrigerator is still compact and does not take up lots of floor space. Glass doors slide to insulate fresh air and still keep a full view of the contents. The refrigerator comes with an eight-foot, 115-volt cord. Flowers can be kept lit with the use of bright fluorescent light that can be turned off.

Open Air Access Flower Cooler Model CHS72

The Open Air Access Flower Cooler Model CHS72 Flauer Flot-Air is a short floral cooler that does not include doors. This helps to preserve the cold air around your flowers. The cooler relies on the store temperature being kept at 22.2 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit) or less. The open access displays allow customers and florists to reach merchandise with ease while still keeping flowers fresh. The refrigerator measures at 180 by 80 by 75 cm (72 by 32 by 30 inches). A 115-volt outlet is required.

True Floral Case GDM-12FC

The GDM-12FC Floral Case, manufactured by True Manufacturing, is a small 0.34 cubic metres (12 cubic foot) refrigerator. The product measures 62.5 by 57.5 by 155 cm (25 by 23 62 inches) and is capable of holding up to 113 kg (250 lb). Refrigerators come in a black exterior and interior with three black vinyl-coated shelves. Flowers can be kept cool in temperatures ranging from 0.556 to 10 degrees Celsius (33 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit). Insulation is kept inside with a sliding, self closing door and polyurethane foam. A 115-volt connection is required.