Pet-friendly lawn weed control products

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Pet-friendly weed killers are a must for any homeowner who has a pet, or cares for those animals that may wander into the yard. Pets love lounging on the lawn, and they will inevitably nibble on grass at random moments.

Keep them safe from harm by utilising a pet-friendly alternative composed from fatty acids to harmful weed control products.

Scythe Herbicide

Composed of pelargonic acid and paraffinic petroleum oil, Scythe Herbicide effectively rids lawns and gardens of many common weeds that are less than 6 inches high. Taller weeds may require additional treatments before dying completely. For best results, apply a mixture of 1/4 c herbicide and 3/4 c water to the desired area. Affected broadleaved plants will show damage within hours in warm weather, but may be delayed a few days in colder temperatures. The rapidly degradable herbicide manufactured by Mycogen can be reapplied every two weeks. Use safety precautions with all chemicals and avoid prolonged exposure.

Burnout II

The pet-friendly herbicide Burnout II, manufactured by St. Gabriel Organics, works quickly and effectively, showing signs of weed control within hours. Comprised of clove oil, citrus oil, mineral oil and gum Arabic, Burnout II eliminates broad leaf and grass weeds, including dandelion. Hardier plants may require multiple applications, but young, actively growing weeds should succumb to the initial treatment. Combine a mixture of three parts water with one part Burnout II concentrate for the best results, spraying the mixture when there is no chance of rain in the next 24 hours. The oils used in this herbicide will burn the eyes if contact is made, so act appropriately.

CB-707 Herbicide Adjuvant

A combination of wetting agents, and macro and micro nutrients, CB-707 Herbicide Adjuvant, manufactured by EcoChem, kills broadleaved weeds in an eco- and pet-friendly manner. Application should be made with a mixture of 50 per cent herbicide and 50 per cent water over the entire desired area. For heavily weeded areas, multiple applications, separated by two weeks, can be completed until the desired control is achieved. After control over the weeds is obtained, only one or two applications per year are needed. Maintain caution when using any chemical, and wear protective garments.