What Vitamins Would Make My Eyelashes Grow Longer?

eyelashes image by saied shahinkiya from Fotolia.com

Eyelashes are important, as they protect the eyes from dirt and other irritants. In addition, long and lush eyelashes are considered a beauty ideal. That's why women tend to use mascara to thicken and length lashes. Eyelash length is determined by genetics.

However, by taking certain vitamins, you can make your eyelashes grow longer.


Biotin is a vitamin that promotes overall hair growth, on the head and on the body. Because of this, biotin is one of the best vitamins to take for making eyelashes grow longer. It makes the eyelashes not only longer but also thicker and more lush. When taking it daily, you should see results within one to two months.

Vitamin B6

B vitamins, such as vitamin B6, promote hair growth, including eyelash growth. One reason that eyelashes are unable to grow and stay long is that they get brittle and break off. Vitamin B6 helps to eliminate brittle eyelashes, and that helps them to grow long. Take a B-complex supplement that includes various kinds of B vitamins, including vitamin B6.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another vitamin that keeps the eyelashes from being brittle and prone to breakage. It's important to get vitamin C from vitamins, as the body does not make it without supplementation in the form of food or vitamins. Vitamin C is found in foods such as broccoli and oranges.