Tuition-free accredited online Bible colleges

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While most students seek a seminary degree through traditional on-campus instruction, there is an increasing demand for online courses. The number of courses has grown with the demand, and now includes free courses from schools accredited through various organisations.


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Trinity, located in India, offers free online courses with the associated textbooks available for download at no charge. In addition, Trinity offers over 100 free Bible, theology, audio, and video downloads. There is an administrative fee required with the application. Bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees are offered. Trinity school is accredited by the International Council for Accrediting Alternate and Theological Studies (ICAATS).

Pillar of Truth Bible Institute

Pillar of Truth Bible Institute (PTBI) is a non-denominational learning centre based on the King James version of the Bible. The school offers a diploma course and a bachelor's course at no cost. There is no administrative fee or cost for the certificates. PTBI does require its students to sign up for its Forum. The King James Version of the Bible is the only text required for the first 15 courses. Additional work towards the bachelor's degree requires the purchase of a set of textbooks that costs under £26 in used condition, according to the school.

Northwestern Theological Seminary

Northwestern Theological Seminary offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees online with no preset tuition. Northwestern does ask students to make a Love Offer selection on the application, listed as a minimum of £1,495 for a single degree and £2,145 for multiple degrees. Northwestern utilises the Moodle open-source course management system and advanced placement which can fast-track a student to a masters or doctorate in 12 weeks to one year. The school is accredited by the International Association for Christian Education Accountability.

Online Bible College

Online Bible College offers free certificate courses consisting of in-depth lessons. A diploma is awarded to students who complete all 14 courses. Courses qualify for credits towards entrance into Ames Christian University, and are available for £16 per course. The Online Bible College bills itself as a practical training institute and advises those seeking theological degrees to pursue other options. Online Bible College is not associated with any denomination.

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