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Some Internet assessor jobs can be highly sought-after positions, in part because the recruitment information indicates that candidates will have the opportunity to work from home. If you are looking for a position as an Internet assessor, you should have access to high-speed Internet and your own home computer. Internet assessor jobs are available in several categories of Internet-based research and evaluation.

Internet Assessor

According to the website WebUpon, an Internet assessor also might be known as a search engine evaluator or rater. Individuals in this position are expected to rate the quality of search engine results, and they must be fluent in the language in which they are chosen to work. Internet assessor positions can be offered directly through a search engine's career page, or you might find the position advertised through recruiting companies like LionBridge and LeapForce. Internet assessors are provided with a search query term that Internet users might enter into a search engine. The Internet assessor must visit a list of search results following the query term, and provide a quality rating based on the relevance of the search result to the original query.

Ad Rater

In addition to evaluators for traditional search engine results, some large search engines like Google and Yahoo also periodically hire ad assessors, or ad quality raters. The ad rater is responsible for reviewing publisher advertising across the Internet search engine's network of advertising. The website SEO by the Sea notes the position is advertised as a means to report and track the quality and content of current advertisements. The ads quality rater utilises an online system to provide feedback regarding whether or not the ad content meets the terms of use agreement. Individuals in this position also might be required to provide information regarding spelling errors, failed syntax, corrupted text or failed images.

Website Evaluator

A website evaluator also works from home on a personal computer. The position typically entails visiting various Internet sites and providing a written or verbal assessment of a particular website. The information is used as market research to help an Internet website provider understand, improve and enhance the user experience on his website. Assessment submitted by average Internet users provides valuable information for a webmaster during a beta testing phase of a new website concept, or during a relaunch of an updated site.

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