Computer Fun Facts for Kids

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For classroom study, homework assignments or just for the fun of it, kids can learn interesting facts about computers. The history of the computer, how computers work and how the Internet works with computers allow children to discover the beginnings of the technology world.

These facts provide a basis to deepen knowledge about computer science.

The First Computer

Since there was all types of items that could be classified as a computer, it is difficult to pinpoint when the first computer was created. The first computer that was programmable was created between 1936 and 1938 by a man named Konrad Zuse in Germany. This computer was called a Z1, and it is said to be the first electrical binary operating computer.

Computer Function Facts

Computers in the 1940s were very large, filling up whole rooms. They took vast amounts of electricity to run and compute information. In the beginning computers were given simple tasks to carry out, like adding numbers together or moving information called "data" from one area to another.

A computer today can process millions of calculations and instructions that are stored in an Central Processing Unit or CPU. This makes computing faster, making programs like games or the Internet easier to access. Computers are much smaller in size as well. Many of today's phone are made into minicomputers that you can carry with you.

Computer Program Facts

Computers operate on a language to interpret the tasks or problems humans ask a computer to do. While data is entered and stored on a computer, it is useless without a way to access it. Software are various types of programs set up to organise and access the information requested. A computer programming language tells the computer what information to access in the software. General Purpose System Simulator, or GPSS, C++ and Programming Logic, or more commonly known as PROLOG, are all examples of computer languages.

Computers and the Internet

Computers can further communicate with other computers with the Internet. The Internet began in 1969 as part of the United States Defense Department. It was primarily used to communicate between other computers across networks. As this research progressed, it became easy to share information and resources nationwide.

The technology of the Internet has grown out of the United States government and is used worldwide today. As of 2010, it is a free resource and is not controlled by any one company.