Mormon Ancestry Search Sites

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Websites specifically designed to search Mormon church genealogy records also allow you to find any baptismal dates or services performed for your ancestors. Search your family tree easily with these websites.

Family Search

This website lets you search for your Mormon ancestors and build your family tree. You can enter baptismal dates or any temple work done for your ancestors. This is a free-search website that allows you to check your genealogy, records and keep up-to-date on your family history.

Ancestor Hunt

This site is where you can search Mormon genealogy records for your ancestors. Your ancestors will only have records on file if they have had baptisms or services done in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) church. You can even search using the person's initials if you do not know her full name.

Mormon Pioneer Search

Browse through old census records to look for your ancestors on this website. You can also find the records of past Mormon pioneers. This site checks the records of the Mormon pioneers who came from all over the world from 1847 to1868.

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