Flowers Used in Chinese Weddings

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Chinese weddings are filled with tradition and symbolism. This is true from the clothing worn to the colours used to the flowers in the bouquets. According to the Chinese History and Cultural Project, red is the most common and popular colour for Chinese weddings.

This is because the colour red symbolises life and happiness in the Chinese culture. Red flowers are very popular for weddings. Brides avoid white flowers because they symbolise death.


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Peonies are considered symbols of renewed life, so they are popular in Chinese weddings because the bride and groom are beginning a new life together. This spring flower is easy to find and not very expensive. It also comes in a variety of colours to complement the wedding style.


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The lotus is a flower that symbolises four virtues to followers of Buddhism. These virtues are purity, scent, softness and loveliness. Chinese brides often include lotuses in their weddings for their traditional symbolism and to show respect to the Buddhist religion.


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Daffodils are one of the first flowers of spring and are often used in weddings to symbolise positive change and an awakening of new life. Chinese brides choose yellow or pink daffodils, because white is a symbol of death and sadness.


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Orchids are symbols of love and fertility in the Chinese culture and are a popular choice for weddings. These delicate flowers are traditionally used in corsages as well as in the bride's bouquet. Orchids also have a beautiful fragrance, which adds to the romance of the wedding.