Formal Shawls to Hide Arms

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A formal or evening shawl can help you cover your arms and keep yourself warm if there is a little chill in the air. It can also be a festive accessory to dress up and accessorise an otherwise plain dress or gown. Formal shawls come in a variety of fabric, colours and embellishments to suit any style and taste.

Silk Shawl

A popular fabric for an evening shawl is silk because it is luxurious and looks rich and expensive. Silk is lightweight and breathes easily, so it is the perfect accessory to a simple dress or gown and can cover your arms if you're feeling self conscious about showing them off. Silk shawls will not provide much warmth, so it's best to select this fabric as more of an accessory and not as a substitute for a jacket. Silk shawls can retail for as little as £19 or as much as several hundred dollars, depending on the quality and designer.

Beaded Shawl

A beaded shawl is formal, festive and can jazz up any evening look. Beaded shawls are perfect for formal events such as weddings, New Year's Eve parties and black tie galas. They are best worn as an accessory since beaded shawls are often lightweight. These shawls can be fairly expensive because bead work is usually done by hand. A typical price range for a beaded shawl can be £55 to several hundred dollars, depending on the bead work.

Fur Shawl

A fur shawl, whether it is real or faux, not only covers your arms and accessorises your outfit, but can also provide some warmth, serving as a jacket substitute. Fur shawls can come in a variety of colours and are perfect to accessorise a dress or gown for cocktail parties. The price of fur shawls can vary depending on if the fur is real or faux. However, a typical range for a real fur shawl is £130 to £455 and £19 to £65 for a faux fur shawl.

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