A List of Bluetooth Phones for the Jaguar Hands-Free System

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Jaguar's on-board electronics system allows you to use your Bluetooth-enabled phone to make and receive calls with the stereo for hands-free calling. Not every phone, even if it is Bluetooth-capable, can be used with your Jaguar vehicle. Some phones fully sync with Jaguar's system, while others are only partially functional.

AT&T Phones

The Apple iPhone, Motorola RAZR V3 and Nokia 6102i are fully compatible with the Jaguar via AT&T Wireless.

Four other phones are compatible, but with limited functionality: BlackBerry 8100 Pearl (call history does not sync), BlackBerry 8300 Curve (call history does not sync), BlackBerry 8800 (call history does not sync) and LG CU500 (phone book and call history do not sync).

Verizon Phones

Several Verizon Wireless phones offer full compatibility, including the LG VX 8300, 8500, 8550 models; Motorola Q; Motorola KRZR K1M; and Motorola RAZR V3M.

A handful of other phones offer limited functionality: BlackBerry 8703e (call history does not display), Motorola Q9M (called ID does not display on the Jaguar screen) and Nokia 6315i (phone book and call history do not sync).

Sprint Phones

Sprint offers several phones with full compatibility to the Jaguar, including the HTC Mogul, Samsung A900M, LG LX570 Musiq, Samsung IP-830W and HTC Hero.

The LG LX550 Fusic works, but the phone book and call history do not sync.

T-Mobile Phones

Many T-Mobile phones are fully compatible with the Jaguar, including the T-Mobile DASH, Motorola KRZR K1, Motorola RAZR V3i, Motorola RIZR Z3, Nokia 5300 and Nokia 6103.

The Samsung SGH-D900 is functional, but the call history does not sync.

Check With the Dealer

Jaguar is regularly updating the list of compatible phones that can be used with its hands-free system. If you are unsure as to whether your phone will work or not, you may wish to check with the dealer. Alternatively, you can use the opportunity to upgrade to a new compatible phone that will fully extend the features Jaguar has built in.

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