The best clothing for short & fat women

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If you have a short and fat body type, it may be difficult to find clothes that look flattering. Using a few basic style tips, however, will help you dress for success. You can enhance your style to help your body look its best at work, play and dressier occasions.

Lengthen Your Body Visually

Short, pleasantly plump women should focus on lengthening the look of their body visually. Wear pantsuits or skirts and tops in the same colour. For instance, a navy blue jacket with navy blue trousers or skirt will help the eye to flow over your height without stopping, therefore making you appear taller. Wear trousers a bit long over 2-inch heels. This will lengthen the appearance of your legs. If you wear skirts or dresses, wear neutral pumps or high heels, such as beige or taupe to lengthen the look of your legs. Wear shoulder pads in your sweaters and jackets to give you the illusion of height. Choose skirts with slim lines and wear them at knee length or above to show off your legs. Avoid cuffs on trousers; these widen your leg area and shorten the look of your body. Wear high-necked shirts that are not too fussy or they will overpower your short frame.

Avoid Accenting Your Waist

Most short, chubby women have a thick waist. Avoid wearing belts or short jackets -- this will draw the eye to the waist. Longer jackets will camouflage the stomach and hip area if these are problem areas. Wear clean, classic lines. If you wear a belt, choose one that is narrow and softly drapes around your waist, instead of a chunky belt or one with a flashy, attention-getting buckle. Choose dresses or tops with the seam line just under the bust area. The fabric will flow around you instead of accentuating a thick waist. Do not wear too tight or too loose clothing; this will make you appear larger.


Avoid wearing large, splashy or flowery prints. This will overwhelm your short body and accentuate the extra pounds. Choose pinstriped items if you don't want to wear solids all the time. Alternatively, wear smaller prints occasionally -- just wear matching tops and bottoms or wear it on the bottom only. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes in your clothing; this will make you look shorter and rounder.