Toys That Can Be Made From a Mobility Scooter

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After a mobility scooter wears out, many parts are still good. The motors, the battery, the wheels, and related control components are all reusable for other low-speed vehicles. These parts can be adapted to a variety of children's motorised vehicles, providing hours of fun.

As added bonuses, you help the environment by recycling and save your money by reusing good parts instead of buying them.

Electric Go Kart

Use the wheels, the motor, the transmission and the battery as the core components of an electric go kart. You will have to design and weld up a frame out of steel tubing used for bicycles. If you do not have a welder, most welding shops can do this for a reasonable fee. For a low-speed vehicle, a go kart can even be made out of wood, with plans readily available. You will have to use a little ingenuity to modify the plans slightly for a motor and battery, but this should not be too difficult.

Electric Tricycle

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You can design and build an electric tricycle. The "trike" can have a low rider chopper look, or a more traditional child's tricycle look. You will have to design the frame, using steel bicycle tubing. Put the motor control on the hand grip, so a child can actually twist the control to move the trike forward.


An ATV, or "quad-runner," can be built using the motor, battery and controls. Obtain a large tricycle. Use the back part of the frame and develop two wheels for the front instead of one. With a little ingenuity, you can make a very good looking quad runner for your child.

Four-Wheeled Scooter

A four-wheeled scooter looks like a scooter, except it has four wheels. The child stands up on a platform and a long handlebar provides the steering. You will have to become a design engineer to figure out the dimensions. Place the control unit on the handlebar, so the child can twist the hand grip to make it go.