The Best Beige Paint Colors

paint image by Chad McDermott from

Beige isn't what it used to be. It was once the fallback tone when you couldn't decide what colour to use; today's beige is so much more. The current tones are often cool with hints of plum and grey, or they can be warm with traces of yellow and orange.

When deciding on which beige paint is the best, look for colours that only require one coat and go on with an even touch.

Sophisticated and Quiet

Beige tones in shades of portobello mushroom and warm chestnut are striking examples of popular beige tones. When mixed with hints of grey, designers often call this "greige" --- it's cooled down with grey and warmed up with browns. This is a soft tone that is sophisticated and quiet; working well in living rooms and libraries or anywhere that requires and commands a sense of calm. This tone hints at traditional and collaborates well with rustic interiors, stone fireplaces and upscale lodge design. If your room is south-facing, this beige collection will cool it down.

Country Charm

Add yellow to beige and you warm a cool room immediately, especially if the room has a northern exposure. Tones of beige that carry traces of camel tones, tea and beechwood offer undertones of vanilla and cream and add country charm to stark spaces. This warm beige works well with shabby-chic and bleached wood and the traces of grey have a natural feel like greyed wood instead of the cold grey sky. Imagine desert hues and subtle suggestions of sand for this category.

Global Exposure

Global exposure touches on every colour and beige is no exception. Beige with global influence has hints of spice such as cinnamon and saffron. Some colour trend professionals call this category "Tribe" and others call it the "Rooted Collection." Either way, this collection is grounded on a global palette with hints of influence from Africa, Native America and Aboriginal peoples, offering a beige colour that hints at the past but looks to the future. Global beige runs a little on the warm side so this would be a good colour to warm up a room with a northern exposure. Use this colour in rooms with texture especially texture found in fabric and wall decor --- global beige will compliment these decor accessories and accents of black will make this colour pop.