Birthday Gifts for 50-Year-Old Men

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A soon-to-be 50-year-old's upcoming birthday makes for huge celebration as it touches the half-century mark. If a man you know is turning the big 5-0, there are several things you can give him to show your appreciation and care and commemorate his past life so far. Make the gift yourself or focus on a store-bought one that you know he will love and therefore use.

Paid Holiday

Whether the recipient is your husband, father, uncle or a special friend, give him prepaid tickets to a destination of his choice along with reservations at a hotel there. Ask him beforehand for his choice or preference, or surprise him by selecting his birthday destination. Let him relax and unwind during the vacation, and use the opportunity for spending quality time with the birthday boy. Celebrate his milestone birthday there or leave for the destination on the big day itself.


Most 50-year-olds appreciate gadgets as much now as they did when they were younger. Depending on the celebrant's preference and your budget, buy him a digital camera to capture important moments in life or occasions when the family is together, a widescreen television or computer for easy viewing, or even a new mobile phone. Avoid multi-function gadgets with plenty of accessories that might seem too confusing; stick to simple ones that the celebrant proudly shows off and uses.

Personal Interest

Give the recipient a present that focuses on a hobby such as golf or gardening. The recipient could not pursue his hobby earlier due to career advancements and family obligations, but he probably has achieved most of what he wanted and can slowly start taking time out for leisurely activities. Give him a new golf club, a personal golf towel with his initials, a new golf bag or even prepaid lessons with a local golf instructor to improve his swing. The avid gardener will appreciate a gardening book for beginners, basic gardening tools and seed packets. Give the painter a new set of water or oil paints, paintbrushes, a book on painting and a canvas.

Comfort Items

Give the 50-year-old man in your life a gift to relax him after a long, tiring day at work, such as a massage unit that easily installs into a sofa and focuses on key stress points in the shoulders, neck and upper back, or a soft aromatherapy pillow that guarantees better sleep. Even a new waterproof tracksuit, pair of slip-proof bath slippers, a hamper of herbal teas, a soft pair of pyjamas or a travel pillow are warmly welcomed. Focus on what the recipient needs at this point in life when opting for the most suitable comfort gift.

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