Arguments for Mobile Phones in School

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Mobile phones are often regarded as a negative influence in schools but they can provide some significant benefits for both parents and their kids. In addition to helping parents keep track of and coordinate with their children, they give kids access to a range of emergency phone numbers should the worst situation occur.

GPS Tracking

Simple applications are available for nearly all brands of mobile phones that offer a GPS tracking system. This allows parents to place the application on their child's phone and locate their kid at any point during the day by accessing a web page on their computers. A parent can track her child from class to class, make sure that he is staying on campus and even check on his location after school if he is late getting home. GPS tracking systems are accurate up to a few feet, meaning that if a child appears anywhere except in his classroom when the bell rings, he has no excuse and his parent can know immediately.


No parent likes to consider the possibility of something happening while her child is at school but knowing that her kid has access to a list of emergency numbers, including his parent's numbers, provides at least some relief. Similarly, if a parent should have an emergency, a mobile phone would allow him to call his child immediately to alert her of any steps that his child should take in response, such as alerting the office at his school or contacting his other parent.


After school activities are a large part of school life but any break in communication between a child and her parent could lead to confusion. By possessing a mobile phone at school, a child can alert his parent about any scheduling problems while letting her know immediately if practice is going to run late or get cut short. Additionally, finding and picking up a child after school can be a confusing ordeal at a school with hundreds or more other children as well as their parents trying to pick their children up. By having a mobile phone at school, parents can coordinate with their children where to meet.

Additional Features

A mobile phone is more than just a telephone. Children are able to track their own schedules, including the due dates for important assignments. They can store a list of phone numbers, ensuring that they can always reach a family member if they should need to. They can do research on their own phones with ready access to the Internet.

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