Birthday cake ideas for a one-year-old girl

Birthday Baby eating her cake image by Photoeyes from

Your child may not remember her first birthday, but you will. Also, the pictures will stay in her scrapbook forever. The cake is the centrepiece of the party, and having a beautiful or adorable themed cake will go a long way toward making the party a little girl's dream—before she puts her face in the frosting.

Princess Cake

An adorable crown cake is the perfect display for a little princess. Bake a round cake, or two layered with frosting. After frosting the top, bake sugar cookies to act as the sides of the crown and decorate them, as well. Paste them to the sides of the cake with the frosting, sealing the decorations together to look like one big, round princess crown.

Flower Cupcakes

You can purchase flower-shaped cupcake pans at many grocery stores. Use cake mix of your choice, a bit of coloured frosting and chocolate candies for the middle of the flower. You can also use yellow marzipan, rolling it into small cylinders and accenting them with black frosting stripes for adorable little bumblebees. These cupcakes are ideal because you can give your little one her own to play with, while still having plenty for your guests.

Ladybug Cake and Cupcakes

A cupcake and cake mix will feed a large amount of guests and can be absolutely beautiful. For a garden-themed party, decorate the large cake as a ladybug, complete with red frosting, black circles and cute liquorice antenna. Buy or make colourful cupcakes to act as the flowers that can surround your ladybug, giving it a garden of its own.