Colors that go with a red kitchen

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Few colours make as dramatic a statement as a red kitchen. The colour is daring, bright and versatile. Regardless of what style decor you use, you have options when it comes to decorating with this majestic colour. Whether you're using brick red or cherry red, you can find suitable colours to blend with the red in your kitchen to create a welcoming and comfortable nuance.


Black is a dynamic colour that makes any kitchen more dramatic. Complement red cabinetry with black countertops and white or off-white walls. If you have black appliances and cabinetry, go with red walls and a black, red and white pattern on the floor. Use red fabric on black bar stools and chairs. Hang black and red artwork on the walls, and use cookware and utensils that match for a unified look.


Red and white create a warm room that is bright and airy. You can go with crisp clean white or an off-white colour that gives the room a more relaxed and cosy feel. White walls with red cabinetry make a kitchen feel cheerful. Use alternating tiles for a colourful backsplash that helps pull the colours together. Painted furniture, such as an armoire or chairs, add a nice touch to your kitchen. Splashes of black make the room feel centred.


Using green with red will enhance an Italian-style kitchen. Deep rich shades of these colours mirror the colours in the Tuscany landscape, and, when used with warm golden tones, they create a nice ambience in any kitchen. Use window treatments that incorporate both colours and pull the rest of the kitchen together. If you have red on your walls, use green on the floor, backsplash and in pictures to enrich the look of the room. Add plants for a natural and pleasing effect.


Shades of yellow and gold bring warmth to rooms, and these colours work well with a red because kitchens are usually busy rooms where family and friends gather. Keeping the atmosphere cosy with warm colours makes the room more inviting. A light golden hue on the walls in a kitchen dominated with red makes it instantly comfortable. Enhance the warm colours with wicker and rattan accessories.

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