Requirements for Moving to Australia

Unlike American immigration, Australian immigration has different document and applicant requirements for legally moving to Australia. Upon moving to Australia, immigrants must provide several forms of identification, police certificates and go through a health examination showing they are in acceptable medical condition. Australian authorities can turn away immigrants if all documents or applications are not present or completed correctly on arrival in Australia.

Proof of Good Character

If applying in Australia, applicants must provide police certificates from each country where the applicant has resided for more than 12 months in the past 10 years since turning 16. They must also complete the National Police Check application.

Health Examination

If you are likely to enter a hospital, health care or classroom setting, are 75 or older or have a medical condition, the Australian government requires you to have a health examination. According to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, as of July 2010, applicants outside Australia must arrange for an examination with a Panel doctor or radiology clinic nominated by the Australian government. Applicants in Australia must contact Medibank Health Solutions to arrange an appointment.

To successfully complete the health examination, applications must bring their passport, a photocopy that includes the applicant's photograph, name and date of birth, prescription glasses or contact lenses if applicable, specialist or medical reports for any known medical conditions, previous chest X-rays, and the 26 or 160 form. If applying online, bring the 26EH or the 160EH form instead.


People moving to Australia must present their birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate if applicable, medical records and work records when first arriving in Australia. Although optional, immigrants can also present school reports, university papers or trade papers. All immigrants that are not New Zealand citizens must obtain a visa or a electronic travel authority (EFA) prior to moving to Australia. Visas are only granted if they pass the health examination and Proof of Character.

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