Present ideas for a 15-year-old boyfriend

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Buying a present for your 15-year-old boyfriend can be a difficult process. It is a balance of spending the right amount of money without giving a gift that makes him feel pressured by the relationship. The present can remind him of you, but should also be something that he enjoys.

Cinema tickets

Get a pair of tickets to his favourite cinema. You can also buy a gift token for the concession stand to give along with the passes. Dress this present up with a nice card or give it with a bag of popcorn.

iTunes gift card

Give a gift card so he can download his favourite songs. If he doesn't have an iPod, you can buy him a CD from his favourite band. This present will show him you understand his taste in music.

A personalised CD or MP3 player

Burn him a CD of songs you have enjoyed together. Include "your" song on the CD or any songs that have a special meaning to both of you. You can give this gift with some chocolates or a card. You could also purchase an inexpensive MP3 player and load it up with songs.

  • Burn him a CD of songs you have enjoyed together.

A movie gift box

Give him a copy of his favourite DVD or one he has talked about. Put it in a box with a bag or two of popcorn and other cinema snacks such as king-size chocolate bars and a few bottles of pop.

A t-shirt or sweatshirt

Give him a T-shirt or sweatshirt with his favourite team's logo on it. You could also give him a novelty T-shirt with an inside joke or one with his favourite things on it. Look online for unique T-shirts not available in stores.

Concert or match tickets

Buy him tickets so you can attend a concert or a sporting event together. Choose a band he loves or a sport he spends a lot of time watching. Check with your parents to be sure they will drive you or chaperone if they need to.

Computer game

Choose a computer game you know he wants because he has been talking about it. You can dress this up by also providing a snack pack with junk food such as fizzy drinks, crisps and sweets.