Great invention ideas

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Great invention ideas have brought about items that we use in everyday life such as the television, radio and cameras. These inventions occurred because many inventors noticed a need that wasn't being fulfilled. Today's innovations aim at furthering the public by inventing items that make it easier to complete tasks both large and small. These ideas not only provide a great benefit to the public, but also permit inventors to gain profits from them as well.

Radio Umbrella Invention Idea

The radio umbrella idea targets music lovers of different age ranges by combining protection from the elements and a radio. Consumers would be able to listen to their favourite radio station or songs anywhere the umbrella is transported to. This invention would operate by installing a radio or MP3 player into the handle of the umbrella below the shaft, or in the centre of the shaft. Head phones could be connected to portable umbrellas to permit individuals to listen to music closely, while large stationary umbrellas could contain a table to place items on. As a result, music could be enjoyed at the beach, flea market, bus stop or anywhere the umbrella can be taken.

Maple Phone Invention Idea

The maple phone is an invention idea to replace plastic cell phones with renewable wood phones. This wood phone would still have the convenience of a touch button keypad and camera, but would be more earth friendly and easier to recycle. Although the maple cell phone would be heavier, and not all components would be renewable, this invention idea could change the way cell phones are manufactured. The maple wood phone could also change the way future electronics would be made by using renewable materials in place of man-made materials.

Laundry Basket Washer Invention Idea

The laundry basket washer is a hamper that doubles as an electrical washing machine that cleans clothes when full. Individuals would place their dirty laundry into the hamper at the end of the day or week, which would then be washed once a certain weight limit is reached within the machine. The laundry basket washer also automatically refreshes the clothes during its cycle to to eliminate unpleasant scents. Once the washing cycle has been completed, the owner would then be notified via text message that the clothes are done washing and ready to be removed.

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