Birthday Gifts for Gay Men

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For the out gay man in your life, celebrate his lifestyle by giving him a gift. Gifts can be either personal or things that you know he likes. The rainbow is the symbol of the gay lifestyle, so get him things that have this symbol on it.

Also, you can get him personalised, engraved gifts that show how much you care about him.


Some gay men like jewellery, so get him a special piece you feel fits him. You can get a necklace with the male symbol on it. He can wear it at all times and leave it outside of his shirt for others to see. You can also get him a tie clip that has the symbol on it. Other jewellery options include silver rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Rainbow Items

The rainbow is a symbol of gay pride, so giving anything with a rainbow on it will let him show that off. A rainbow beach towel is a big, bright gift you can give him, or you can give him a flag that he can hang outside of his house. Small rainbow gifts include tote bags, backpacks and rubber bracelets.

Engraved Items

Have the male sign, or anything else you want, engraved on a certain item for him. For example, give him a money clip, business card case, or vitamin holders. These are things that subtly show off his pride when he takes them out of his pockets. Choose his favourite colour as the background behind the engraving.


There are very trendy clothes that support gays that you can give him. For example, give him an American Apparel shirt in multiple colours that says "Legalize Gay." He can wear this with many different outfits. It also shows solidarity for those who want to legalise gay marriage.