Hairstyles for Dry, Frizzy, Naturally Curly Hair

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Extremely dry, frizzy hair is a challenge when it comes to styling, particularly because certain solutions for other hair types aren't suitable for this kind of hair. For example, ponytails work for most hair types but tend to break the shaft of frizzy hair, creating more frizz. However, you can use some tricks to transform dry, coarse, frizzy hair into something spectacular.

Natural Curls

Hair can look dry and frizzy from overprocessing, sun, or chlorine. Luckily, most frizzy hair tends to have natural curl or wave that you can bring out with strategic styling. For example, avoid washing your hair daily, as this can dry it out. Instead, after shampooing every other day, dilute some pomade with a bit of water and run it evenly through your hair with your fingers. It will harness and shape the natural curls and waves and help reduce frizz. Air dry hair or use a gentle diffuser. Once hair is dry, shape ends with a curling iron to further accentuate them.

Half Up

Frizzy hair can look larger than life and overwhelm the rest of your face. Tie your hair half up to subtly show off its length and natural curl: After shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner and allow hair to air dry. Pull the top half of your hair up and away from your face. Twist the hair into a bun and secure it with a ribbon or elastic. Pull some loose strands from the front to fall gracefully around your face. This creates an elegant, feminine style without making your hair look frizzy or too big.

Long and Natural

Layers are unsuitable for frizzy hair, as they add extra body and frizz. Growing your hair long weighs down the frizz. Trim ends every 6 to 8 weeks in a blunt cut. It's important to find a stylist who has experience with frizzy hair and can cut it strand by strand. Use a serum on your hair and ends to smooth frizz. Avoid brushing--it creates more frizz.

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