What Materials Are Used to Make New Dentures?

upper denture 2 image by David Smith from Fotolia.com

Dentures are made from several different materials. They can range from metal to acrylic resin to plastic. Newer denture materials have been developed to address allergy concerns as well as cosmetic concerns. Learn about the various materials used to make dentures to determine the best type for you.

Acrylic Resins

Most dentures are made from acrylic resins. These have superior quality, which makes them appropriate for use as denture material. Acrylic resins sustain good wear and tear; dentures made from this material should last several years. Some people may, however, be allergic to acrylic resins. Check with your dentist for other options.


Porcelain is another material used to make false teeth. Porcelain has a more realistic look when compared to acrylic resin, but porcelain may not hold up as well. Often used for the front teeth due to aesthetic concerns, porcelain teeth may wear down any natural teeth they bite down on. Therefore, it is not recommended to combine a porcelain denture in any part of the mouth that may come in contact with existing real teeth.

Mounting Frame

Denture frames are generally made from plastic and metal. This mount holds the teeth in place in the mouth. The metal portion of the frame is typically made from nobilium or chromium. New, lightweight plastic materials used to make denture mounts are nearly indestructible and can be changed or altered in a matter of minutes in the dentist's office.

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