Things Teenagers Do for Fun

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The time period between childhood and adulthood can be an awkward phase of limbo between dependence and independence, known as the teenage years.

Teenagers often find themselves in the position of wanting to delve into the freedom experienced as an adult, but knowing very little about the economy and how brutal it can sometimes be. Every teenager should be able to experience good, clean fun before having to become an adult and take responsibility for every aspect of life.

Scary Movie Night

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Every teenager likes a good scary movie, whether for entertainment or for the thrill of not knowing what is coming to them. Invite a few of your friends for a sleepover, rent a couple of horror movies and make a huge pallet of blankets and pillows in either the family room or your personal bedroom. Ask your parents to allow you to host the evening by yourself, so that you can experience the independence of entertaining your friends, without interruptions. If they are having a hard time doing this, promise to do extra chores the following week if they will grant you this small amount of time with your friends. Most parents will not argue the fact, especially since you will be staying inside their home, and not out running the streets. If your parents decline your request to watch horror movies, watch comedies instead.

Friends' Night Out

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Plan a friends' night out by either going to the movies, shopping mall or local museum. This can be a great activity to your parents that you are becoming more and more responsible, if you do as you say you are going to do. Parents sometimes have a hard time opening the door and allowing their children out into the world by themselves, but, as responsible teenagers, you need to make plans about where you will be dropped off, who will be accompanying you and what time you need to be picked up. Following a direct plan, and calling once or twice during your outing to check in with your parents will prove to them that you can handle being out on your own in a mature, responsible way. You will soon see that they will become more lenient on you, and allow you to do more activities with your friends. Being able to experience nights out with your friend is not only a fun thing to do, but will increase your social abilities and raise your self esteem when surrounded by groups of people.

Community Centers

Most cities and counties have community centres that offer tons of free activities for teens with adult supervision. Teens are able to drop by anytime during business hours, with their parents signing them in and out, and engage in activities such as dancing, video and board games, sports, art, reading and arcade games. This lets the teenager reach out and do things she enjoys while getting to socialise with friends. Parents are able to relax and know that their children are in good hands, and are having good, clean fun at no expense.