Ideas for a Granny Costume

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Dressing up in a granny costume is a creative Halloween idea for a child or adult. If your granny has a sense of humour, wearing a granny costume at a birthday party or family event is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Creating a granny costume can be very inexpensive and easy to make. The items you need can be purchased at a local thrift shop or costume shop.


The wig is an important part of the Granny costume. The wig should be grey or white and can be short and curly or long and tied back into a bun. A wig can be purchased at a costume or novelty supply shop. If you have long hair, you can tie your own hair into a bun and spray temporary hair colour over your head. Temporary hair colour can also be purchased at a novelty shop.


You can purchase a granny outfit at a local thrift shop. Look for a loose fitting dress that falls right below the knee. Look for anything with a floral print or something that looks very old-fashioned. The dress should button all the way up the front. A long nightgown is a possible choice as well. Search through the racks of a thrift shop for something you could picture an older lady wearing.


If you chose a dress that exposes your calves, wear a pair of old boots that lace and stockings. The stockings can be knee-high length, but let them fall down to the boots. If you chose a nightgown, wear a pair of slippers. Wear a pair of reading glasses and old-fashioned jewelery, like pearls. Walk with a cane if you can find one, and continuously straighten the glasses on your face when you're dressed in costume. Carry a large purse on your shoulder. Keep peppermints in the purse and hand them out to people.

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