Ideas for a Built-In Recessed Wall Unit

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If you didn't plan for it, making use of a built-in recessed wall unit can be a challenge. Recessed units pop up in all types of rooms and in all types of sizes. The location of your unit will have a major effect on what you decide to do with it.

Still, there are plenty of ideas for effectively using these built-in wall units and optimise space.


Some units could be the perfect place to create a bit of shelving. You only need to measure the area to fit the shelves and insert brackets to keep the shelves in place. You can use this as bookshelves or to create an area to display pictures, antiques or knick-knacks.

Entertainment Center

If you have a large recessed wall unit in your living room, consider using it to place your TV and other AV components in there. You could mount a flat-screen TV on the wall, but consider having a table underneath to house the cable box, DVD player and any other components you may have. Smaller recessed areas in other rooms may also fit a TV.


A built-in recessed wall unit can instantly become a place for you to store the things you don't need. Alternatively, you can cover the area with a curtain in cases when a door wouldn't fit or look appropriate.

Art Nook

Small recessed units are ideal for placing works of art, such as photographs, paintings and sculptures. The area draws the eye in, which will attract guests to the art. Paint the background a different colour than the rest of the wall if you want it to stand out even more.

Fold-Away Bed

A very large unit could house a foldaway bed. This is a good solution for small apartments that have a recessed unit or for those who have frequent house guests with nowhere to sleep.