What are the duties of an armour bearer?

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An armour bearer is a member of a church's congregation appointed by the Pastor. His main duty is being a servant of the church. An armour bearer is viewed as a leader in the church and a servant of God. Armour bearers must have a deep love for God and people and must live their life in a way that displays that.


Becoming an armour bearer requires a person with a certain type of humbleness in attitude and lifestyle. To become an armour bearer, a person must complete four steps to achieve this attitude. Humbleness and service are duties of all armour bears. To accomplish this, a person must free himself from pride, anger, immorality and bitterness. Included in these four things are admitting mistakes, looking to God for help, being selfless and dressing modestly. Things an armour bearer must avoid are bossy attitudes, temper tantrums, grumbling, complaining, frustration, impure thoughts and attitudes, sarcastic talk and self-pity.


An armour bearer is considered a servant and an assistant to the leader. Included in being a servant, one duty of an armour bearer is providing strength for the leader of the church. This means displaying an attitude of peace and faith at all times. The armour bearer must possess a strong respect for the leader, the leader's way of doing things and the leader's personality. Another duty of an armour bearer takes this thinking a step further. An armour bearer must try to understand the leader's thoughts. She must not argue or try to change the thoughts but rather accept the leader's thoughts without question.


Submission is a part of being an armour bearer. An armour bearer must be willing to be submissive to the leader at all times, to God and to people. Armour bearers originate from the Old Testament in the Bible. These individuals were chosen by kings and generals, and their main purpose was to protect their leader in times of danger. This philosophy is where the duty of submission was developed. Armour bearers must also protect their leader in every way possible. Being submissive to the leader protects the leader's thinking and opinions. It also means putting the advancement of the leader as a priority at all times. Submission also includes being supportive to the leader, following all directions timely and correctly and encouraging and enabling the leader to advance and gain victories he is trying to obtain.