Indoor sports games for kids

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Indoor sports games are perfect for kids to play all year round. They are ideal for rainy camp days, perfect for gym classes in the winter, and kids can even enjoy some at home. The wide variety of indoor games makes it possible to find suitable games for any size group.

Balloon Volleyball

Balloons are ideal for indoor sports games because they land softly so there is little chance of them causing damage to what they hit. By adjusting the net height, you can modify balloon volleyball for ages six to eighteen. If you are at a facility that has a volleyball net, divide the group of children into teams, and instruct teams to work together to get the ball over the net without allowing it to fall. The first team to score 21 points wins the game. As an added variation, use two balloons in two different colours. Give each team a colour name, but do not let them know which colour they are. In this game, each team starts with 15 points. Every time the balloon of a team lands on the ground, that team loses a point. Teams find out their colours at the very end of the game. The team to reach zero first loses the game. This version requires an instructor or coach to keep track of the score and write down the colour of each team. In either game, teams can be as few as three players or as many as nine.

Obstacle Course Challenge

Younger children enjoy obstacle courses, and teams work best when they have between four and six members. It is easy to create an indoor obstacle course that will challenge children as they race to see which team can complete the course first. If you are at home, consider using items like pillows to crawl over, a bridge table to crawl under and large empty plastic bottles to serpentine around. At camps or schools, indoor obstacle courses can use mats to climb on, tubes to crawl through and inclines to run up. Create two courses that are similar, and divide the children into teams. The first team to complete the course an have all teammates fully seated wins.

Bottles Down

Games that involve aiming can be perfect for indoors. Use masking tape to create a line, and place five large empty plastic soda bottles behind it horizontally. Give children tennis balls to roll toward the bottles. Each child gets three chances to try to knock over a bottle. You can give children an extra ball if they successfully knock over a bottle. You can play a variation of this game by creating a masking tape line at both ends of the room and lining up five bottles across each line. Divide the children into teams and have each team stand so that they are facing the bottles of the opposite team. Children compete to see who can knock down all bottles on the other side first. If the children are playing in teams, just give each team a set number of balls. Use masking tape lines to limit how close each team can get to the bottles before members roll the balls. Play continues until one team successfully knocks down all the bottles.

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