Behr Wall Paint Colors

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Behr Paint offers hundreds of different colours, each a part of its own distinct "color family." The first place to begin when choosing a paint colour is to determine the atmosphere you hope to create in your home as each colour family brings with it a different energy to a room.


Every colour on a particular Behr colour strip consists of the same base colour, so once you've determined that a colour will work, the other shades on that strip can serve as accent colours. If you simply don't know where to begin, look around your home and your closet. Look at the clothing colours you normally buy and the colours you naturally respond to. These colours will make a good starting point for you as you look at Behr colour strips.


Behr has a large range of green shades. Take a look at green if you want to create a soothing space where calm reigns. Your options include: very light shades like Highlight and Green Shimmer; earthy tones such as Marsh Fern; Herbal Garden, Thyme Green and Dill Pickle; tones that are ideal for a child's room, like Green Shimmer, Spirit Whisper and Key Lime; and deep, dark, dramatic tones like Mermaid Net and Shaded Spruce.


Blue shades tend to invite feelings of tranquillity and harmony. Blue is also associated with learning and might make a good backdrop in a study or den. Behr carries every shade of blue, from the lightest White Sapphire to medium-toned Tropical Pool and deep rich Blue Ocean. Behr also carries a line of blue-greens and blue-greys.


Red is most closely associated with energy, luck and strength. Behr offers a number of choices from the red family. Reds come in every shade from Cherry to Poinettia, some with pink undertones and some, like Gallery Red, with brown undertones.


Orange, the combination of yellow and red, is used as an accent colour and is supremely attention-getting. Behr choices include the lightest orange, Citrus Hill; Indian Dance and Mesa Sunrise, both of which would fit nicely in a Tuscan-styled room; and the more traditional shade of orange called Fireglow.


Purple is regarded as a colour that evokes feelings of spirituality and transformation. Among the surprising number of purple shades Behr offers are the almost white Timeless Day; colours just right for a girl's room, such as Pearl Violet and Lilac Mauve; and the deeply-saturated, sophisticated hues of Shy Violet and Baritone.


Shades of white represent purity, simplicity, peace and humility. White colour choices often come with undertones of other colours like yellow, blue and green. Cottage White and Ostrich both have brown undertones. Different shades of white can work well in the same room. For instance, snow white can really pop against the creamy tones of White Truffle.


For some, yellow represents optimism, imagination and hope. Among the shades of yellow Behr offers are the very pale Pineapple Fizz, the brown-tinged Bavarian Cream and the shockingly bright shade of Empire Yellow.

Neutral Shades

Neutral colours offer a sense of well being and warmth. They are often associated with family and home. Behr neutral shades include: the ecru colour of Chocolate Froth; traditional browns like Adobe Straw, Blanket Brown and Revival Mahogany; and grey shades of Quietude, Silver Screen and Pewter Mug. Neutral shades are often paired with brighter, more vibrant hues for contrast in a room.