Italian Party Game Ideas

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Selecting an Italian party theme, particularly for an adult party, is an ideal solution for planning easy invitations, decorations, food and drinks. But coming up with entertainment can be challenging, especially if your guests do not speak Italian, as many native Italian games specifically use the Italian language.

But there are alternative Italian-themed party games to keep your party lively and your guests amused.

Name Tag Fun

When your guests arrive, hand them a name tag on which you have written "If I were an Italian food, I'd be...". Tell them to fill in the blank. As the party progresses, your guests will enjoy discovering what and why the different party goers selected what they did. A variation of this is to have your guest write on the name tag a description of an Italian dish or food, without naming it. Tell them to describe it in flourishing detail. Later, have a contest to see who can guess correctly each person's food description. The guest who has the most correct answers wins a prize. You can take markers and put a red and green border around the edge of the tag for a more Italian look.

Find the Cork

Ask your local wine store to save you the corks from recent wine tastings, or save up 100 or more wine corks on your own. Use a red marker to colour 5 of them. Combine the coloured and plain corks together in a big basket and mix well. Let each party guest take a turn reaching in, with their eyes closed, to pick a cork. Pick a red cork, win a bottle of Italian wine. Keep taking turns until all five red coloured corks have been found.

For non-alcoholic parties, prizes can be assorted packaged Italian treats, like extra virgin olive oil, Italian marinara sauce, speciality pasta, Italian salami, and espresso coffee beans or chocolate covered espresso coffee beans.


Charades might seem too common a game for your party, but you can give this old standby an Italian twist. On pieces of paper write the name of a famous Italian, both living and dead. Select artists, entertainers, religious figures, explorers, scientists, philosophers, and athletes. Your guests will have fun acting out and guessing.