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Looking for the right fertiliser to fertilise a home garden can be a difficult challenge, since there are dozens of choices on the market. Still, not all the fertiliser suppliers sell fertiliser that is fit for small house-sized gardens, where domestic animals and small children might frequent. Fortunately, several suppliers do offer garden-style fertilisers that help your flowers and vegetables grow in relative safety.


Scott's brand Miracle-Gro is one of the most popular fertiliser suppliers and has a wide range of products, from highly specialised plant food spikes to soil and plant sprays to general purpose fertilised soil. Although Miracle-Gro often uses an ammonia-infused fertiliser formula, the brand also offers organic and other all-natural alternatives for those wary of harsh and potentially dangerous chemical contamination. Miracle-Gro can be found in most garden supply stores as well as home improvement centres such as Lowe's and Home Depot.


Pennington is also a large and popular plant fertiliser brand available at a wide range of locations. This supplier combines fertiliser with weed killer in its popular Weed & Feed series. Pennington makes fertiliser and fertilised soil for vegetables, fruits, flowers grass and greenhouse plant life. Like Miracle-Gro, this supplier provides fertiliser in a number of different delivery systems, including spray, granules and time-release pellets. In addition to conventional fertilisers, Pennington makes fertiliser from bone meal and other organic matter.

Black Gold

Black Gold is dedicated to creating Earth-friendly organic fertiliser and uses only naturally occurring ingredients such as Canadian peat moss and perlite. Offering special fertiliser mixes for different purposes as well as a general purpose plant food, this fertiliser is available at many garden stores, but may not be available at home improvement centres. This brand uses a patented Multicote technology, which provides timed release of the plant food but does not include harsh chemicals that can drain the existing soil of nutrients.

Rain Grow

Rain Grow is another organic fertiliser that blends natural plant extracts with compost to provide an all-natural alternative to other ammonia-based fertilisers. Rain Grow is available on gardening websites such as and This brand also uses bone meal, rhizobium bacteria and other unconventional natural alternatives to maximise fertilisation.

Happy Frog

Fox Farm Soil and Fertilizer Company distributes Happy Frog potting soil. This fertiliser is specially designed to work with potted plants and includes active bacteria, microbes and fungi that break down soil to help release nutrients at a naturally healthy pace. This soil is best used in container gardening situations and is available online and in some garden stores.

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