Fun Names for Old Time Wanted Posters for a Western Party

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Guests will feel truly "wanted" when they arrive at your party to see it decked out with old time-themed Western outlaw posters. Wanted posters date back at least to 1865, when what is thought to be the first poster, featuring John Wilkes Boothe, was created. Boothe, who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, was killed within a week of the poster's creation, according to The Last Best West website. Create an exciting, but less bloody, party theme with custom old time wanted posters.

Raucous Repetition

Your outlaw may go by just one first name, but with a little brainstorming, you can update the moniker for a wanted poster. For each Western party invitee, use the poetic style of alliteration, which is repeating the first initial sound of the person's name. On an old time wanted poster for a guest named John (or other "J" name), go from the plain "John" to "Jumpin' Jokin' Jivin' John." Include reasons why the person may be wanted, such as "Naughty Naomi," "Bank-Busting Betty" and "Slapping Sam," for example.

Famous Figures

If you'd rather not put your party guests front and centre on the wanted posters, create decorations using names of real outlaws from American Western history. While many attendees will be familiar with wanted men, such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson, add lesser-known names to your posters for intrigue. Options include Thayne Archibald, Curly Billy Brocius, Bluford "Blue" Duck, Johnny Ringo, Bloody Bill Anderson and Salvatore Zappola.

Big Laugh Babies

While you wouldn't usually see a baby wanted for a deadly crime spree, using some of the more unusual celebrity baby names of the 21st century may result in some funny old time wanted posters. Create an image of a tough, weathered criminal, and below it add the name "Fifi Trixibell" (child of Grateful Dead musician, Bob Geldorf) in large, thick lettering. Other out-there out-West baby names include Sage Moonblood (child of actor Sylvester Stallone), Camera (child of tennis star Arthur Ashe), Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (child of musician Michael Hutchence) and Jazz Domino (child of musician Joe Strummer).

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