Perfect 40th Birthday Gifts for Women

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Giving a birthday gift for a 40-year-old woman may seem like a delicate task. You probably want to give something that celebrates the important milestone, but does not make the recipient feel like she's getting "older.

" At the same time, a thoughtful gift has a personal touch, with a nod to her interests and accomplishments.

40 Somethings

Celebrate her 40th by giving her 40 of something she loves. Get her a selection of 40 hand-selected chocolates from your local candy store or 40 of her favourite flowers. If she loves thimbles and has a collection, get her 40 of those. For an ambitious project, plant her a garden with 40 different succulents, flowers or miniature plants. Giver her a £26 gift token to her favourite coffee shop or bookstore.

Memory Lane Gifts

Give a gift that celebrates your recipient's past accomplishments, including friends and family. Frame one of her paintings from college, or put together a family quilt for her, with one square with a personalised message or design from each family member. Get all her oldest friends together for a surprise luncheon or a movie night. Make her a music mix of her favourite songs from then and now, or get a copy of that rare book she loved when she was a child.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Give a gift that lasts beyond her birthday. Plant a flower in a hand-painted pot, or give her an orchid in an antique vase. Buy her a membership to a theatre, museum, ballet or symphony so she can have an entire year of artistic experiences. If the birthday girl isn't crazy about those activities, consider an ongoing service--a monthly housecleaning visit or an online movie-rental subscription, for instance.

Special Treats

For a larger gift, send the birthday girl on that trip she's been wanting to take, or take her on a day trip to a nearby town, resort or outdoor destination. If she's always wanted to learn to surf, purchase lessons for her. Buy tickets to her favourite artist's concert and make it a road trip. Plan an experience around her favourite things to do and interests.