Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bees

bees image by sanyal from Fotolia.com

Bees are usually welcome in small numbers, buzzing from flower to flower or providing honey. But in large numbers, such as a hive on your household porch, bees can become a nuisance or even a danger to your family.

With over 20,000 bee varieties active during summer months, you may need to use some home remedies to get rid of bees if they become a problem.

Moth Balls and Smoke

Fill socks or pantyhose with mothballs and hang them from various points around the bee hive or your landscape. This may look funny, but mothballs repel bees very quickly.

You can also use smoke under a beehive to disperse bees, but this can be difficult and you must take safety precautions. Burn a small amount of wood or paper underneath the beehive in the middle of the night, and the bees will fly out of the hive, unharmed. You will probably need some extra manpower for this type of remedy, with a small wood burning stove, like a campfire stove, for the most effective amount of smoke.


For smaller hives or nests, use a vacuum to disturb the colony. Early in the evening around dusk, wear protective clothing and goggles. Poke the nest lightly with a stick and keep the vacuum attachment right near the hole opening as the small colony of bees flies out. This will not only drive bees out, but will help eliminate them by sucking them up. Remember this only works with colonies of about 20 bees or so.

Eliminate Water Resources

All hives must be near a water source, as water is a necessary resource for bees making honey. Sometimes when bees make their home at your home, it means water resources are hard to find elsewhere so they are utilising your pool or puddles. Cut down on bee activity by removing the water resources that you are using, like a kiddie pool or flower pot trays, and using a leaf blower to blow away puddle water.

Use Borax

Sprinkle borax onto the hive and all around the surrounding areas. This method will take a while to get rid of all the bees, but the worker bees from the surrounding areas will bring the borax back to the hive, resulting in the elimination of the colony. Wear gloves when handling borax.