Decoration ideas for an 18th birthday

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Turning 18 is a milestone birthday that marks a new era of independence and responsibility. An 18th birthday party should celebrate this new adulthood and freedom. When choosing the decor for an 18th birthday party, choose a theme that matches the guest of honor's personality, hobbies and interests.

Focus the decor on him, and he'll love everything about his 18th birthday party.


One easy decorating theme for an 18th birthday party is to use photos as a main part of the decor Gather a variety of pictures from your 18-year-old's life, starting from the time she was a baby and working your way up through the years. Blow the pictures up in size, and post them around the room. Ask friends of the birthday girl to write their fondest memories or stories of her, and print them out to hang as well. Make buttons using goofy pictures of the 18-year-old, and ask everyone in the room to wear them around all night, especially if the group is going out later.

Legal Age

Turning 18 means that the birthday boy is now of legal age to do new things, such as vote, drink or gamble. Use these new freedoms as a decorating theme for his party. The responsibility that comes with the 18th birthday differs by country, but if in your country an 18-year-old can legally gamble, make that a theme for your decorations. Set up roulette tables, string playing cards to form a ribbon around the room and place large fuzzy dice on each table. Print common gambling quotes, such as "Luck be a lady," and "Luck of the draw," on poster board, and post the quotes around the room.

Celebrity Photos

If the birthday girl is a big fan of a certain celebrity, use her celebrity crush as an inspiration for your party decor Use a photo editing website or software to edit her face into a picture with her favourite celebrity. (See Resources.) Make a variety of different pictures of her with her favourite star, and post them around the room. Order a lifesize cardboard cutout of her leading man. Set up a backdrop with a photo of a Hollywood premier or with a scene from the actor's most recent movie. Place the cardboard cutout in front, and allow the guests to take pictures with the celebrity as if they are walking on the red carpet with him.