The Best Toilet Cleaners

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Keeping your home clean can be a time-consuming task, but performing regular maintenance will make it easier and quicker. Most people dread cleaning the bathroom and, more specifically, the toilet. If you avoid cleaning your toilet for too long, however, you may end up with stains inside the bowl and around the bottom. Keeping your toilet clean also keeps your bathroom smelling fresh, provided you use the right cleaning materials and solutions.

In-Bowl Cleaners

In-bowl cleaners are popular for their ability to prevent and eliminate stains by dissolving with acid the minerals that scale inside the bowl as time passes. Some of the ingredients commonly found in in-bowl cleansers include hydrochloric, phosphoric or oxalic acids and bisulfate.

In-Tank Cleaners

Many in-tank cleaners tint toilet water a blue shade, concealing dirt accumulations that have built up. They also dispense chlorine bleach into the tank over time to combat bacteria and emit a scent we associate with cleanliness. Each flush releases only small amounts of bleach, but if a chlorine-based in-tank cleaner is installed in a toilet that is flushed less than at least once a day, the corrosive effects of the chlorine may damage the tank's mechanisms, especially rubber gaskets.

Disinfectant Cleaners

In addition to cleaning the bowl, exterior areas of your toilet are important to keep clean. Dirt, grime and germs build up under and behind the seat and at the base. Even if you cannot see bacteria, they are accumulating in and around your toilet, so kill them with a bleach-based cleaner for maximum effectiveness and hygiene.

Physical Tools

Don't underestimate the value of an old-fashioned toilet brush. While chemicals work well to eliminate odours and stains, simple scrubbing action also helps to loosen build-up of dirt and germs. A toilet brush can also scratch off the grime that chemicals have begun to lift but cannot remove completely. Be sure to scrub under the rim as well, where deposits of minerals and germs hide.

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