John Deere Mower Parts List

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John Deere manufactures a variety of lawnmowers, including riding mowers, zero-turn mowers and walk-behind mowers. The John Deere X340 riding mower is one of the top models made by the company, and, as of 2010, the price of the mower is about £5,102 and comes with a four-year limited warranty.

Power System

The John Deere X340 riding mower features a 25-horsepower John Deere iTorque Power System. A Twin Touch automatic transmission in the mower features a two-pedal control system that helps users change speeds and directions. The fuel tank can hold about 3.5 gallons of fuel and features a 3-inch fill opening to prevent unnecessary spilling. For easier starts in cold weather, the mower has a solenoid shift starter, and an hourmeter on the mower notifies drivers when the oil needs to be changed and other maintenance needs to be performed.

Cutting System

The John Deere x340 riding mower has an Edge Xtra Cutting System that includes a 54-inch cutting deck. While the riding mower can cut grass in 1/4 increments anywhere from 1 to 4 inches, the cutting deck offers mulching, side discharge and material collection capabilities. To improve operator's visibility during the late afternoon and evenings, the mower has 35-watt headlights. A heavy-duty Cargo Mount System allows operators to hitch a variety of attachments for later use. Attachments include blower, shovel, lawn sweeper and utility cart.


Drivers sit on an adjustable seat that has an open-back design for air circulation and to keep them cool. The mower is controlled by a 14-inch steering wheel, and a full-length foot mat protects the footrest area. For driver convenience, a cup holder and tray keep beverages and other tools in close proximity. To improve cutting and maneuverability, the mower can turn on a 16-inch radius.