Cool Ideas for a 35th Birthday Party

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The 35th birthday can be a big deal because it marks the midway point between 30 and the often-dreaded 40th birthday, which many consider as the marker of fast-approaching old age. With people living longer than ever, 35 is a much more youthful age than it was once thought to be.

Whether you are turning 35 or you are planning a party for a loved one, there are many cool alternatives to celebrate the occasion.

Birthday Roast and Toast

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If the birthday guest doesn't mind being the centre of attention, a comedic birthday roast can be an entertaining party theme. A roast typically places the guest of honour in the centre of the room or onstage in front of the other guests while presenters share funny stories, gentle teasing and good-natured ribbing. Solicit other partygoers and friends who know the birthday guest of honour well enough to share amusing stories and interesting commentary. Try to arrange at least 35 short stories or 35 different speakers to share with the party guests and maintain the 35th birthday theme.

35 Themes

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Even if you are planning a traditional birthday party at home, try mixing it up with a 35th birthday theme everywhere you can. Arrange banners and party balloons that feature the number 35. If the number works well with your acquaintances and family members, try limiting the guest list to exactly 35 people, start the party at 3:50 or plan for the party to last between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. Ask the guests to help carry on the theme by bringing gifts in multiples of 35, such as 35 golf tees for a golfer, 35 pairs of socks or a box of 35 nails. Offer 35 different types of beverages or hors d'oeuvres, and arrange the food and cake into the shape of the number 35.

35 Hours of Partying

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If you have the means to plan an overnight getaway or long party outing with a small group of friends of family, make it last just shy of a day and a half at 35 hours instead of 36 hours. Plan a day and night of trips to all your favourite dance clubs, casinos, day spas and buffets. If you're feeling energised, stay awake and party for the full 35 hours or plan 24 hours of partying followed by a nice long sleep. Hire a car service to keep everyone safe on the roads, and book a hotel room or two so everyone has a safe place to recuperate from the fun.