Decorating Ideas With Burgundy

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Burgundy is associated with opulence and elegance, but also has roots in nature; many plants and flowers bloom in this colour. Making careful decorating decisions with burgundy can create an intimate, cosy vibe.

Burgundy may have blue (cool) or orange (warm) undertones; it is best to stick to one or the other when decorating a room.

A Burgundy Bedroom

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Burgundy can be an attractive colour choice for a bedroom to highlight certain features and add depth to a neutral base. If you want to paint burgundy walls, paint one signature burgundy wall rather than all four; this makes a strong style statement but avoids making the room look smaller and darker. Use taupe or beige on the remaining walls for a warm look, or white or pale grey for a cooler, more contemporary effect. Alternatively, paint all four walls in the neutral shade and add a burgundy wallpaper border, or get creative and use stencils or stamps dipped in burgundy paint to personalise walls in your own design. A headboard covered in burgundy print, sheer burgundy panel curtains and matching cushions, throws and an area rug will give a unified look to the room. Other colours that work well in a burgundy bedroom are silver and gold for a classic look, while deep chocolate brown adds warmth and luxury. Use materials such as chrome, glass and brass and plenty of mirrored surfaces to reflect light and prevent the burgundy interior from looking too dark.

A Burgundy Bathroom

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Burgundy is probably not the first colour that comes to mind when decorating a bathroom, but can add colour and richness. Simply adding burgundy accessories to a plain white, beige, ivory or grey bathroom can give a fresh new look. Try to find a couple of pieces of artwork with burgundy backgrounds or accents. Little touches, such as burgundy candles, soaps and towels, go a long way. For a traditional colour scheme, stick to creamy ivory walls and floor coverings. For a more modern look, incorporate metallics: bronze, gold, silver and pewter add shimmer through mirrors, light fittings and bathroom accessories, such as a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

A Burgundy Kitchen

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Burgundy is an ideal accent colour in a kitchen and you can create a whole new look just by making a few alterations to existing fixtures. Paint wooden cabinet doors and island surfaces burgundy; this works best with cabinets of lighter wood as a combination of burgundy and dark wood can make the kitchen seem smaller. Think about replacing a kitchen backsplash or floor with patterned tiles, featuring as much burgundy as you choose. Burgundy roller blinds and a few burgundy accessories, such as a teapot, china fruit bowl and glass vase, will tie the look together. Don't worry about finding the exact same shade of burgundy for each item; it is best to go for subtle varieties in tone to avoid a monochromatic look, which can appear harsh.