Games for a 60th birthday party

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Sixtieth birthdays provide the perfect opportunity to plan an unforgettable milestone party, complete with games and activities that will bring out the kid in everyone who attends. A well-planned get-together will keep your friends and family smiling and laughing for years to come. Consider a few ideas as you plan how to celebrate your 60th.

Decade trivia

Involve your guests in some trivia about the decade the birthday boy or girl grew up in. Have them identify famous film lines, song tunes or news clips from the time frame. Award suitable prizes for those who get the most questions right.

Baby photos

Have everyone bring a picture of themselves as a baby. Lay them out on a table or pin them on a notice board by number. Then have each guest number a sheet of paper and identify as many guests as possible.

Little-known facts

Before the party, have the guest of honour list several little known facts about himself on slips of paper. Then, write down a few false facts on additional paper strips. Have guests compete to see who knows the most true facts.

Funny captions

Ask each of the guests to bring a picture of the birthday person. Leave the pictures, along with a stack of note cards, on a table near the entrance. Have the guests write funny or endearing captions for each of the pictures, and then combine the cards and the pictures into a photo album. Read the captions aloud for everyone to enjoy.

Senior superlatives

Have everyone speculate about what the guest of honour will be doing by their next milestone birthday. Ask them to write their predictions down on cards, which you can include in the photo album mentioned above. If the party guests know each other well, have them all vote on "senior" superlatives for each other, beginning with the phrase "Most likely to..."

Timeline madness

Find pictures from all stages of the guest of honour's life. Hang up a washing line across the room and challenge the guests to take turns attempting to arrange the pictures in chronological order. Give prizes to the contestant who comes the closest. For extra laughs, include some funny or embarrassing photos.

Over the hill

Sixty isn't too late for an over-the-hill themed party. Have the guest of honour give you answers to some questions beforehand, and then have the guests compete to see who knows the most answers. Include questions about ageing, like when the he noticed his first grey hair, or how much a can of soft drink cost when he was a child. Reward the winners with prizes like fake dentures, wrinkle cream or reading glasses.

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