Surprise Birthday Party Ideas for 65-Year-Old Women

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A 65th birthday is a special time because a woman has just entered her senior years. Therefore, plan a surprise party in her honour to celebrate her life. Surprise party ideas for a 65-year-old woman can include a memory scrapbook, roast, "This is Your Life" or casino night party.

Invite lots of family and friends and make it a memorable day.

Memory Scrapbook Party

The best way to throw a memory scrapbook party is to send a scrapbook page along with the invitation. Tell people to write something special about the birthday girl. On the day of the party, gather around and let people read their entries regarding how they feel about the birthday celebrant. Post the pages in the scrapbook along with pictures from the party. Post lots of pictures of the person from different decades for everyone's enjoyment.


A roast can be celebrated as a surprise 65th birthday party. Rent a hall or ballroom, inviting friends, relatives and work associates, if the woman still works. Plan on having a hot dinner of chicken, roast beef or even prime rib if your budget allows. Have someone bring the birthday girl to the hall under false pretences, then surprise her with the lavish shindig. Seat the birthday celebrant at her own long table facing the crowd. Allow people who want to roast the person to place their name in a hat. That way you can better manage the timing of everyone's roast. Enlarge some silly photos or the person and hang them behind the person's table.

"This is Your Life" Party

Surprise your 65th birthday celebrant with a "This is Your Life" party, according to Pattern your party after the old television show from the 50s and 60s. Invite at least two or three special guests that the person has not seen in years, such as an old teacher or long-lost friend. Throw the party at a wedding hall or ballroom. Friends and family can surprise the birthday celebrant as she arrives, then you can seat her at her table. Start out with an elegant dinner in her honour, then serve the cake and ice cream. After everyone lavishes her with gifts, get everyone's attention for a special announcement. At this point, allow the first special guest to say something about the birthday celebrant from a distance. Allow the birthday girl to guess who is speaking. The two can then get together for a little chat. The ensuing special guests will do the same.

Casino Night

Throw a surprise casino party for your special lady's 65th birthday. If you live near a casino, invite all of your guests out for a night on the town. Otherwise, play card games like hearts, go fish and other favourites. Get out the bingo boards and charge people a dollar per game board. Winners of each game can win cash. Rent some casino games like Blackjack or Keno from a casino rental place. Everyone can dress like gangsters and gun molls. Meanwhile, the birthday celebrant can walk around with a "Happy 65th Birthday" hat.