Hen Party Gifts for the Bride

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With the stress of planning a wedding on her shoulders, a bride looks forward to her hen party. Also known as a hen party, the hen party is a way for friends and family members to treat the bride-to-be to a fun night out.

Whether you host a low-key event at home or head out for a night on the town, you still need a hen party gift. Give her something unusual and unexpected, or a gag gift that takes her mind off the wedding.

Honeymoon Gift Set

Craft a gift set of items for her honeymoon, including items that she needs for the trip. Build the set around the location where they're travelling to. For a beach honeymoon, fill a beach bag with sunscreen, sunglasses and a sunshade. If the couple isn't taking a honeymoon or if they're only taking a short trip, treat them to a kit of fun items for the honeymoon. A bottle of champagne, fancy glasses, chocolate-dipped strawberries, flavoured body paint and even edible panties make an unexpected gift for the hen party. Make your own door hanger, with "Honeymoon in Progress, Please Don't Disturb" or something similar on the front, and place that inside the set.

Flashcards for the Husband

Husband flashcards are a gag gift for a hen party or hen party. The cards include instructions on doing things around the house, including cooking, laundry and dishes. Novelty stores and party stores often sell the cards; if you can't find a set, make your own. Use large note cards and write the activity on the front with the details on the back. Break activities down into different types, such as washing white clothes, using bleach, washing knives and cleaning windows. Place all of the note cards in a recipe box or something similar before presenting them to the bride.

Chocolate for Two

Gift the bride with a chocolate fountain at her hen party. When you place chocolate inside the fountain, it melts and pours down from the top. Make the chocolate fountain a gift for her and her future husband by including two elegant metal skewers. They can then use the fountain to take turns dipping food into the chocolate and feeding each other. Provide the bride with marshmallows, strawberries, dried fruit and other items for dipping. Look for small silver dishes, which she can use to store the food while dipping. Package everything together, along with chocolate for use in the fountain, and encourage her to try it out when she sees her partner next.