Dressing up isn't just for children anymore. Throw a dress up party for your adult friends, whether it's Halloween or any other time of year. Costume parties are guaranteed to be enjoyable, as everyone gets a kick out of all the costumes. Choose an interesting theme for the costume party to help guide the costume decisions of guests.


Famous Couples

Ask your guests to come as famous couples. The couples can be celebrities or well-known historical figures. But the couples don't have to be couples themselves. For instance, two women who are just friends could come as Laverne and Shirley. It will be fun for your guests to try to come up with couples no one else will think of.

  • Ask your guests to come as famous couples.

Gender Switch

At this dress-up party, all the guests have to dress as someone of the opposite sex. This theme will likely be easier for the women than for the men. But it will be funny seeing the men wearing dresses, bras and wigs.


Pop Icon

Have a costume party where everyone has to dress as a favourite pop icon. You could be more specific and ask everyone to dress as their favourite musician or actor. Not only will this idea ensure some cool costumes, it will spur conversation among the guests as they all explain why they love the person they are dressed as.



This dress up party theme works especially well around Halloween. Ask all of the guests to dress as a scary figure or a monster. To further the theme of this costume party, decorate your home like a haunted house.