Gifts for Muslim Boyfriends

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Giving a gift to your Muslim boyfriend is a great way to show you care. But there are a few restrictions to keep in mind when picking out the gift. For example, Muslims are not permitted to wear alcohol-based perfumes or wear gold jewellery. Yet there are still many gifts you can give to your boyfriend that would fit within these restrictions.

Prayer Rug

Muslim must worship in clean and comfortable surroundings during the five daily prayer times. While a prayer rug is not required, it can help keep the area more clean. These small, rectangular-shaped rugs come in many weaves and colours. Perhaps choose one that would match your boyfriend's home or his personal style. Hilal Plaza's online store offers an array of prayer rugs in many colours and designs. In January 2011, prices of these rugs started around £7.

Azan Clock or Watch

An azan clock or watch will play the Muslim call to prayer throughout the day. AlHannah's online store offers an azan watch that features 400 cities' azan time. It also comes with azan talking features, hijri and Gregorian calendars, as well as Qibla direction, DST function, an alarm and a stopwatch. It is all featured on a modern-looking watch set on a steel band. The website also features azan clocks for sale.

Alcohol-Free Cologne

According to Islam QA, Muslims can wear perfume and cologne as long as they are not known to "contain something which would prevent their use, such as their containing intoxicants, or where a large quantity of the perfume would cause intoxication, or it contains something impure." Therefore, perfumes and colognes with a heavy alcohol base are not a good gift for a Muslim. However, there are still many colognes without alcohol in their ingredients, including some sold through AlHannah's online store. Al Direyah for Men and Sarjah for Men are two of the fragrances sold, many of which come in a decorative bottle and gift box.

A Gift to Charity in His Name

If you're having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift for your Muslim boyfriend, it's hard to beat helping others in his name. Muslims believe that giving to charity is a righteous deed for which they will be rewarded. There are many charities in need of assistance, some probably in your area. To find a charity to donate to, call the United Way's hotline by simply dialling 211. This will connect you to someone who can help find a non-profit to help. When you make the donations, let them know it is in your boyfriend's honour. Many of these charities will give you a card or certificate commemorating your donation, which you can give to him.

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