Ideas for a Hulk Birthday Cake

dye image by Orlando Florin Rosu from

The Incredible Hulk is a popular, green comic book hero beloved by many young kids. You can make a Hulk-inspired birthday cake for a party with a Hulk motif you're planning for your little one. With some basic baking items, you can make a memorable birthday cake for your loved one.


A stencilled cake is easy to make and is an ideal and quick way to get an image of the Hulk onto the cake you're working with. Find a Hulk-shaped stencil at a craft store or make one yourself from a sheet of paper. Place the stencil on a cake frosted with green frosting and shake some icing sugar over the stencil. When you peel the stencil away, you should have a Hulk shape left in the icing sugar.

Gel Frosting

Gel frosting is a type of frosting that comes in small tubes and is easy to draw and write with. If you have a talent for drawing, consider using gel frosting to draw an image of the Hulk directly onto the cake you're using. You can use a picture of the Hulk from your child's comic book as a guide, and you can try just drawing the face if you have trouble with the entire body.

Toy Topper

If you have trouble getting an image of the Hulk onto the cake, consider using a toy figurine to complete the dessert. Find a plastic Hulk action figure at a toy store, place a dab of frosting on his feet to act as glue, and stick the toy into the cake. The birthday boy can keep the toy as a bonus once the party is over and the cake has been served.